Monday, February 13, 2017

Erotica collection: Sacred and Profane, Priest Erotic Romance

A few weeks ago, I posted about the release of a new collection of erotica “Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance” (Sexy Little Pages, 2017) and brought readers an interview with the collection’s editor, Torrance Sené.

I was finally able to indulge in all the exciting, sensual, and deliciously blasphemous stories for myself, and I must say that I’m honored my work is included alongside such intriguing and erotic stories.

There are ten stories in this collection. At 243 pages, this is a hearty read. Each story is longer length, with vibrant worlds and real characters. Each story has a strong theme and great chemistry between characters. As with any collection, there were a couple stories that I didn’t love, but overall the collection was engaging and, well, hot. My favorite story was “Absolution” by Charlotte French. This story used supernatural elements while still staying grounded in the conflicts of reality. I could see the characters crisp in my mind and the story was mysterious and satisfying.

This collection is erotic romance, so all the stories have a romantic bent in which the characters have a textured relationship develop in the story along with the sexual encounter or erotic scene. Some stories include kink (mine does!) and some of the priests and pastors leave the profession because of the events in the stories. Some slip around the rules so they don’t quite break their vows. Some stories are fairly straightforward romance while a couple push the theme to a creative edge.

My story is called “Shelter” and involves Morgan, a kink-tastic lady who rather likes to ruffle tradition, especially when it comes to the Pastor of the First Christian Church, John Buchanan. I included a lot of elements in this story that were important to me: a visibly disabled character, negotiation around kink and consent, as well as a spirituality that ultimately unites rather than divides. I am very proud of this story and am thrilled the story found such a brilliant home.

Since writing “Shelter,” another story of mine involving a priest, kink, and blasphemy has been picked up by another publication. So if you have a hot spot for this theme, stay tuned for more from me in that department!

I hope readers enjoy this spicy-sweet collection. Whether you love the sensual tango of religion and sexual expression or are just looking for a new take on erotic romance, give this book a peek. I’m certain you won’t regret it.

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